The provisions of the Swiss trademark law can be found in various hierarchically arranged acts. Source is the Swiss federal constitution, on which basis the confederation issued the Federal Act on Trademarks and Appellations of Origin, Trademark Law, (TA). Based thereon the federal council has issued the corresponding Ordinance on the Protection of Trademarks (OPT). The guidelines for the trademark examination, issued by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, define further requirements that have to be met within the trademark application procedure.

German version

Markenschutzgesetz (MSchG)

Markenschutzverordnung (MSchV)

Richtlinien in Markensachen

Gebührenordnung des IGE

French version

Loi sur la protection des marques (LPM)

Ordnonnance sur la protection des marques (OPM)

Directives en matière de marques

Réglement sur des taxes de l'IPI

Italian version

Legge sulla protezione dei marchi (LPM)

Ordinanza sulla protezione dei marchi (OPM)

Direttive in materia di marchi

Regolamento sulle tasse dell’IPI

English vesion

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