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RENTSCH PARTNER, Zurich - Patents, trademarks, designs, IT, unfair competition law, copyright and advertising law. Our lawyers, trademark attorneys and patent attorneys advise in all matters relating to intellectual property, information technology and patent box.

As a leading Swiss attorney at law and patent attorney firm, we advise and represent clients in all aspects of intellectual property law – transactions, proceedings and complex cases both in a domestic and a global context.

We offer our clients comprehensive legal and technical advice, support them in the creation and implementation of their IP-strategy, implementing the patent box, and represent them before public authorities and in court. It is important to us to identify legally and technically sustainable solutions to complex legal issues and to keep in mind our clients’ commercial goals.

One focus of our activities is to advise Swiss companies and SMEs that want to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights and innovations worldwide at reasonable cost. Accordingly, we guarantee professional and industry knowledge as well as a good price-performance ratio.

Expertise, entrepreneurial thinking and binding values are important to us, both within our firm as well as towards our clients.

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