05. January 2016

Decisions “Spray Gun” ("Spritzpistole")

Spraygun for electrostatic CoatingIn the case Nordson Corporation versus Gema Switzerland GmbH, the Swiss Federal Patent Court, the German Federal Patent Court and the German Regional Court of Düsseldorf (Landgericht Düsseldorf) come to different judgments concerning validity of the respective national parts of a European patent and its infringement. The different court decisions in Switzerland and in Germany are briefly summarized below.

05. December 2014

Enforcement of Software Patents in the United States still possible

After the US Supreme Court's recent decision in Alice Corp v. CLS Bank, business method and software patents have been increasingly difficult to become enforced in US courts. The case law as to the scope and effects of the Alice decision has been rather blurry so far and the consequences of this decision are subject to heated debates amongst scholars.

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