• Moritz Hönig, Christian Ebner, Alfred Köpf
    Challenges and Opportunities in Licensing Biotech-Research Tools

    Life Science Recht Nr. 4, 2021, S. 199–207 (Link)

    23 November 2021
  • Moritz Hönig, Alfred Köpf,
    Priority: Shield and Sword (of Damocles) – Decision T844/18 («CRISPR/Cas9»)

    sic! 05/2021 (Textauszug, pdf)

    21 May 2021

  • Moritz Hönig, Christian Ebner , Alfred Köpf
    Is a license required for CRISPR gene editing? If yes, how do I get one? In this article, some of the challenges in licensing CRISPR gene editing are discussed.
    05 April 2022
  • Janine Anderegg, Moritz Hönig
    Which kind of patent search is right for me? In this article, Janine Anderegg and Moritz Hönig discuss different patent searches serving distinct purposes and needs.
    04 January 2022
  • Moritz Hönig, Jan Kleffmann
    What are the most important questions, that startup entrepreneurs need to ask? Moritz Hönig and Jan Kleffmann provide insight into the “should ask questions” for startups.
    26 February 2021
  • Philip Kerpen, Moritz Hönig
    If you want to protect your invention abroad, you need to file patent applications in other jurisdictions. Philip Kerpen and Moritz Hönig write about a common strategy for obtaining patent protection abroad that works well for many of our clients.
    22 January 2021
  • Adrian Fischbacher, Moritz Hönig
    Das schweizerische Patentgesetz soll gemäss den Plänen des Bundesrats revidiert werden. Adrian Fischbacher und Moritz Hönig schreiben über die Neuerungen im Patentrecht.
    16 October 2020