Services of our Law Firm

RENTSCH PARTNER is a patent attorney and law firm, your partner in all matters of technology and intellectual property law, active in the areas of

  • IP strategy
  • IP searches
  • Patents, designs
  • Trademarks, company names
  • Product labeling
  • IT and data protection
  • Licensing and sale
  • IP commercialization
  • Legal enforcement
  • IP arbitration
  • Support of US litigation

A close collaboration of attorneys at law and technology experts under one roof, unique in Switzerland, makes possible a comprehensive and interdisciplinary support in all matters of IP.

Litigation & Arbitration

The enforcement of trademark, design and patent rights often takes place within the framework of judicial disputes. If your company has signed a contract with an arbitration clause and is threatened with arbitration in this contractual matter, we have experience in arbitration proceedings in connection with licenses and intellectual property rights.

We represent your legal interests in a team of attorneys, trademark attorneys and patent attorneys if your trademark, design and patent rights are infringed or it is alleged that you are infringing IP rights of third parties.

Arbitration proceedings have advantages and disadvantages in comparison to court proceedings: Arbitration proceedings are usually faster than state court proceedings and can often not be continued over several instances and thus delayed.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and IP Arbitration (pdf)

US-Litigation Desk

RENTSCH PARTNER and Halcyon form an exclusive partnership to bring a business approach to US patent and trademark lawsuits: Our partnership works to achieve an outcome-based legal result at“the best cost” for the client (money, time and management distraction).

Industry Expertise

RENTSCH PARTNER has specialized teams in the fields of Life Science, Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Engineering, and Computer Science with the respective industry knowhow.