Training – Halcyon teaches document management (good documents / bad documents, and how to avoid creation of bad documents). The proliferation of electronic communication in business has created a rich opportunity for lawyers to find damaging documents in an adversary’s database.

Halcyon prepares witnesses for depositions and/or cross-examinations, especially persons who are not familiar with the US litigation system.

Records review and production – We can help minimize the (computer-based) selection of documents for production, thus minimizing the costly volume of documents to be reviewed.

Records Management – We have constructed Records Management Policies and deployed them company-wide. This is a lengthy process of proactive benefit for future lawsuits.

Teaching – Urs Tanner teaches at the University of St. Gallen (HSG St. Gallen) in various modules (MLP, WRM, Corporate Counsels Day etc.). Carr Lane Quackenbush and Urs Tanner also teach at Harvard Business School – AMP (Advanced Management Program).

Publishing – Urs Tanner, Erfahrungen eines Unternehmers im Umgang mit amerikanischen Anwaltskanzleien, in: Management von Anwaltskanzleien - Leo Staub und Christine Hehli Hidber – Schulthess Juristische Medien AG – Zürich 2012 – S. 145ff.

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