We work to minimize the loss of business resources consumed in the resolution of a US lawsuit. Halcyon are experienced business people teamed with Rentsch Partner’s legal expertise. Together, we help business executives manage their US lawsuits, US lawyers and US legal process to best meet the client’s defined business goals. Often these are to achieve lawsuit goals at minimum total cost, in minimum time and with minimum management distraction.

Halcyon has developed a step-by-step process to objectively, quantitatively and statistically evaluate the legal situation, a “tool kit” to help establish a rational litigation strategy, to control lawsuit costs and to provide a financial basis to guide critical legal decisions.

Briefly, our process is to:

  • Research and statistically analyze Judges, Jurisdictions and lawyers (Early Case Assessment). The most critical issue in a suit is the judge’s impartiality and decisiveness, often more important than facts in the case. It is also critical to understand the opposing party’s motives and who is actually controlling the case: the opposing party or the opposing counsel (contingency fee, patent trolls, etc.).
  • Construct quantitative and probability modelling of the case (costs, outcomes) to guide key decisions and settlement offers (sunk costs, risk-reward profile, quantified case statistics).
  • From this informed position, we help clients define reasonable and achievable litigation goals.
  • We select US Outside Counsel considering the Judge’s record and the client’s litigation goals. Then, to ensure that US Outside Counsel is fully aligned with the client’s litigation goals, we construct an Alternate Fee Structure (AFS) which switches Outside Counsel from hourly billing to compensation based on meeting the client’s lawsuit goals (paradigm shift).
  • Finally, all legal tactics and expenditures (money, duration, management involvement time) are continuously reviewed and adjusted to best meet our client’s goals.

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