Business experience:

Urs Tanner (Swiss) and Carr Lane Quackenbush (American) the owners and founders of Halcyon, have together more than 50 years business experience as CEO or President of American or European multi-national corporations.

Legal experience:

For over 30 years, combined, they have successfully supported corporate clients in civil or class action lawsuits, patent infringement litigation (Defendant and Plaintiff), antitrust litigation (horizontal and vertical price fixing) or product liability cases. Criminal cases include Swiss individuals with US Indictments as well as support of “Category 2” banks negotiating with the US Department of Justice for NPA’s (Non Prosecution Agreements).
Together, they have managed nearly 50 US lawsuits, been deposed almost 30 times and cross-examined twice in front of a jury. They have been through settlement procedures, District Courts, the Courts of Appeals and handled U.S. Supreme Court Petitions.
As a Swiss, this broad and deep exposure to US business and to US lawsuits has given Urs Tanner important insights to the litigious U.S. environment, lawsuit strategy, tactics and cost control.

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