Jacobus Sonderhoff


BSc Hons Physics with Astrophysics, PgD Digital Image Processing, Patent Engineer

Jacobus Sonderhoff works as a patent engineer with focus on applied physics, medical technology, automotive and transmission technologies, lighting devices and software.

Jacobus Sonderhoff completed his International Baccalaureate in Tokyo and studied at King’s College London with a focus on astrophysics and Digital Image Processing (1999). He then developed image processing software at a multinational industrial company in Munich for use in the semiconductor sector. His work in the patent field began there in 2001 and developed further in private practice. In 2009, Jacobus moved to Tokyo to work for an international patent law firm where he facilitated the correspondence between Japanese patent attorneys and foreign clients and contributed to the firm’s business development as Account Manager. Since 01. November 2016, Jacobus Sonderhoff works as a patent engineer for Rentsch Partner AG. He speaks German, English, Japanese and French fluently and has good conversational skills in Spanish.